Petrographic Certification


CCIL has implemented a Petrographic Analyst certification program in response to industry needs. The program requires a minimum level of experience and demonstrated proficiency in petrographic examination of aggregates through a correlation program. In some cases, participation in a CCIL course in petrographic analysis may be required where the experience level of the candidate does not meet minimum requirements. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario requires that petrographic analysis of coarse aggregate (LS-609) be carried out by a CCIL Certified Petrographic Analyst.

There are two components to CCIL certification of a Petrographic laboratory; namely, ownership of the required laboratory equipment and employment of a certified analyst. The CCIL Aggregate Type D program provides for the equipment required for coarse aggregate analysis (LS-609) and the CCIL Petrographic Analyst Certification program provides for the certified analyst.

Certified Petrographic Analysts are issued CCIL certification cards valid for 5 years.

Program Details and Tests

Certification as a Petrographic Analyst is Available to any person who has been trained by an expert in this field, carries out LS-609 "Procedure for Petrographic Analysis of Coarse Aggregates" on a regular basis, and is employed by a certified CCIL Aggregate laboratory. The candidate's qualifications will be assessed on the basis of the requirements listed below:

CCIL Certification of a Petrographic Analyst requires:

  1. Declaration of education supported by copies of University/College diplomas or transcripts
  2. Resume of PN employment training and practical experience
  3. On-going participation in the annual MTO Aggregate and Soil Proficiency Sample Testing Program for LS-609 "Procedure for Petrographic Analysis of Coarse Aggregates".
  4. Submission of completed CCIL "Petrographic Analyst Qualification Criteria" form
  5. Satisfactory analysis of reference samples to be supplied by CCIL

Reference and Working Documents

Information for New Applicants (How to Become Certified)

Information on how to become a Certified Petrographic Analyst is provided in the following documents:

Completed applications should be emailed to the CCIL Certification Office, . Upon receipt of the form, the applicant will be contacted by CCIL to review the application and answer any questions relating to the certification process. Information on fees is available from the CCIL Certification Office.